The BCHBA will try to keep you informed with the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19. Brown County Home Builders Association is not able to provide legal advice. Please consult your attorney before any action is taken.

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Info From BCHBA 

Local Health Departments Release Updated Guidance Re: COVID-19 (05/17/2021)
Small Businesses Can Get a Tax Credit for Providing Vaccination Paid Leave (04/21/2021)
Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Evers’ Successive Executive Order and Mask Mandate (04/02/2021)
Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Into Law (03/11/2021)
What We Know About Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan – What Groups Will Get It (01/13/2021)
Coronavirus Action Plan (04/30/2020) – Provided by The Insurance Center – This sample Coronavirus Action Plan is not meant to be exhaustive or construed as legal advice. Consult additional insurance and/or legal counsel for professional advice. This action plan can be modified to meet your business needs, taking all relevant federal, state and local compliance requirements into account. For a copy of the sample Coronavirus Action Plan visit the resource center under the members only section of the website. If you need assistance with your username and password, contact Lori at 920-593-7953 or email
– Back to Business Outline – A Plan to Save Lives and Livelihoods (04/24/2020) – Resource: Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce
Back to Business Presentation – A Plan to Save Lives and Livelihoods (04/24/2020) – Resource: Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

– Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Resources (04/20/2020)
   * Face Masks – Global Recognition
   * Face Masks – MaskOver 

* Face Masks – The Power Tool Store
   * Face Masks – Viridiam
   * Hand Sanitizer – The Power Tool Store
   * Hand Sanitizer – Salon Services Group
   * Safety Footwear – Red Wing Shoes
   * Shoe Covers – 
we have a quantity leftover from Showcase at the office.  We are selling them in packs of 50 pair for $10.  If interested, call Mari at 680-6174 to place an order and arrange pick-up at the BCHBA office.
 OSHA Releases COVID-19 Recordkeeping Rules (04/13/2020) 
– Keep Us Safe – Feel free to use the attached signage at your job site (03/30/2020)
– COVID-19 Notice to Employees (03/19/2020) – 
Click on the link for Q&A (Word document)

Info From Bellin Health

Bellin Health Town Hall Update – 11/16/2021 – Click on the youtube link to view the Bellin Health Town Hall update on COVID-19. If you have questions concerning the OSHA mandate, feel free to reach out directly to or

Mandated Vaccination Policy (11/05/202) – Bellin recognizes there may be some confusion surrounding the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) regarding a mandated vaccination policy for companies with more than 100 employers.  We have reviewed the policy and put together a 12-slide PowerPoint which we hope you find beneficial.  In the document you will find:

  • Links to pertinent OSHA documents and critical dates
  • What the program requires employers to do
  • What the program requires employees to do
  • Who is exempt from the program
  • What actions can I be taking TODAY?

Additionally, Bellin will be hosting a special Employer Town Hall on Tuesday, November 16th at 1 PM to cover this program along with vaccination and testing options for employers in detail. 

Info From CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer Use (03/19/2020) 
– Know the facts about COVID-19 and help stop the spread of rumors (03/19/2020)
– Stop the Spread of Germs (03/19/2020)
– Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (03/19/2020)
– 15 Days to Slow the Spread (03/19/2020)

Info From CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) 

– FAQs Regarding COVID-19 and Human Capital, Tax Impact (03/25/2020)
– Unemployment COVID-19 Public Information (03/25/2020) 
Resource – Department of Workforce Development

Info From Green Bay Insurance Center

– Post-Coronavirus Workplace Preparedness Checklist (05/14/2020)
– Guide to Creating a Return to Work Action Plan (05/14/2020)
   – SAMPLE Return to Work Action Plan (05/14/2020)
– Five Practice and Policy Considerations in Advance of Return to Work (05/14/2020)
– States Update Employee Leave Requirements for Coronavirus (05/14/2020)
– Designing a Post-coronavirus Office (05/14/2020)

Let us Help You Navigate Your Business 

Info From HUB

– HUB Coronavirus Crisis Resource Center (03/31/2020)

Info From NAHB – National Association of Home Builders

NAHB Publishes Guidance for Members on OSHA Vaccination and Testing Rule (11/15/2021)
NAHB Legal Win Means All PPP Loans to members Can be Forgiven – (10/01/2021)
OSHA Issues New Guidance on COVID-19 Safety; New Safety Standard Likely Forthcoming (02/24/2021)
Get Answers to Your PPP Questions (01/13/2021) The expanded Paycheck Protection Program reopened this week and interested businesses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. NAHB has updated its FAQs about the program to help you get started.
Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) (01/05/2021) – COVID-19 relief package includes a number of enhancements
– Monday Morning Briefing – Major Wins for Housing in COVID-19 Relief Package (01/04/2021)
– Coronavirus Preparedness and Jobsite Safety (07/14/2020)
– OSHA Reverses Course and Now Requires Employers to Track COVID-19 Cases (05/26/2020)
– Small Business Administration Loan Programs (04/22/2020) – If you are having trouble getting through to or getting your questions answered by the SBA, please submit this form and NAHB staff will follow up and provide additional guidance as needed.
– URGENT: Ask Congress for Further Relief for Renters & Housing Providers from COVID-19 – TAKE ACTION NOW (04/13/2020)
– Stimulus Resources (04/03/2020)
* Small Business Administration Loans/Emergency Grants
  * Employee Retention Tax Credit
  * Emergency Sick Leave and Medical Leave
  * Delay of Employer-Paid Payroll Tax Payments
– Update from DHS on Essential Infrastructure Business (03/30/2020)
– DHS Designates Residential Construction as “Essential Infrastructure Business” (03/30/2020)
– NAHB Publishes Construction Job Site Guidance for Coronavirus (03/25/2020)

 NAHB Response Act Requiring Employer-Paid Sick and Medical Leave(03/17/2020)

Info From SBA

– Coronavirus Relief Options (01/04/2021) – Multiple funding options are offered for those seeing relief.
Fact Sheet – Economic Injury Disaster Loans (03/30/2020)

Info From The Blue Book Building & Construction Network

– COVID-19 Response Plan – (03/27/2020)
 AGC Wisconsin (Associated General Contractors) (03/27/2020)

Info From The Insurance Center

– American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Update Starts April 1, 2021
1. ARPA 100% COBRA premium subsidy – April 1st 2021 to September 30, 2021
2. Subsidies are funded through a payroll tax credit.
3. Employers with 20 or more employees.
4. Notices must be given to recipients on the availability of the ARPA 100% premium assistance.
5. Does not apply to voluntary loss of coverage or the result of gross misconduct.
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)signed into law on March 11, 2021.
BCHBA – Guide to Creating a Return to Work Action Plan (05/11/2020)
– Health Insurance Resources (04/22/2020) 
– (NEW) DOL Regulations for Families First Coronavirus Response Act (04/13/2020)
– HR Compliance Bulletin – DOL Issues Guidance on COVID-19 and the FMLA (03/19/2020)
 Mental Well-being During Quarantine – Live Well, Work Well (03/19/2020)


– Assistance for Small Businesses (04/06/2020)

Info From von Briesen

CDC Revises COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines – (12/28/2021)
Federal Vaccine Mandate (11/08/2021)
Chicago’s Vaccine Anti-Retaliation Ordinance – What Employers Need to Know (04/21/2021)
How Does the Wisconsin Supreme Court Mask Mandate Decision Affect My Business (04/01/2021)
EEOC Issues Critical Guidance for Vaccination Issues in the Workplace (01/04/2021)
COVID-19 Relief Bill – What Employers Need to Know Heading into 2021 (01/04/2021)
 Virtual Breakfast Briefing: COVID Must Knows for Employers and the Development of a Strategic Response Plan (12/10/2020)
* Recording – (Password: 27831)
Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination In Employment (12/07/2020)
 CDC Reduces Quarantine Periods for Close Contacts to Reflect Economic Realities and Alleviate Burden on Public Health System (12/02/2020)
– Business Reopening Guide (05/11/2020)
– Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Paid Leave now Required for Absences Related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (04/01/2020)
– Employer Tax Credits in the Families First Coronavirus Response (04/01/2020)

– About COVID-19 von Briesen Task Force Resource (03/25/2020) – The Task Force has created a dedicated page where you can find information on COVID-19
– Labor and Employment Law Update – Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What Should Employers Do? (03/25/2020)

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Info From WBA – Wisconsin Builders Association 

Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Evers’ Successive Executive Order and Mask Mandate (04/01/2021)
Pandemic-Related Bills (02/11/2021) – Your Blueprint to Better Housing in WI
Latest COVID Update (02/08/2021)
New Statewide Public Health Declaration – (11/20/2020)
– OSHA Updates Enforcement Guidance for Employer Reporting of COVID-19 Case (05/26/2020)
– Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (04/24/2020)

– Gov. Evers Announces Badger Bounce Back Plan (04/22/2020)
– DHS Safer at Home is Working (04/22/2020)
– DHS COVID-19 Website (04/22/2020)
– PPE Buyback Program (04/22/2020)
– Emergency Order #22: Removes Time Periods For Building Permits Under the Uniform Dwelling Code (04/10/2020)
– COVID-19 Response Plan Sample 1 (04/03/2020)
– COVID-19 Response Plan Sample 2 (04/03/2020)

– CISA Confirms Landscapers as Essential Workers (03/30/2020)
– Essential vs Non-essential Professions (03/27/2020) – 
Click on the link for Q&A (Word document) 
 Confirmation of Essential Business Letter (03/25/2020) – 
Please note: Governor Evers has said proof will not be required to show your business/employees are essential. Because several members have asked for a draft letter regardless, we have made one available to members only if you choose to use it and provide it to your employees.

– Construction Industry Safety Coalition Recommendations: COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan for Construction (03/25/2020)
– Construction coalition statement on “Safer at Home” Emergency Order (03/25/2020)

– Helpful Resources as you Navigate COVID-19 in Your Workplace (03/23/2020) 
Department of Safety and Professional Services Impacts
  * Updates on Facemasks and other PPE
  * Protecting Yourself, Your Employees, and Your Worksites
  * Legal Q & A for Associations and Builders
  * Potential Housing Stimulus
  * Labor/Employment-Related Information

Info From WIPFLI 

– COVID-19 Resource Center (03/19/2020)