To help you navigate through the WI Dept. of Safety and Professional Services website we’ve done the searching for you and have pulled the specific links you’ll need to find the information you’re searching for, listed below.

Filling Out an Online Permit Application through DSPS

How to Navigate LicensE

Go to:

  • On the right hand side under Welcome back, click Forgot/Change Password?
  • The username you will enter will be the email you used to use for eSLA with .dsps on the end. So it will look like:
  • Then click Change or Reset Password and then check your email inbox for an email to set your password. Then you’ll go back to LicensE and put in your email (with the .dsps at the end) and the password you just set up.
  • Once logged in, you will go to the bottom and select the Renew My License.
  • You will then be able to see if this email is connected to the DCC (business license) or the DCQ (continuing education license).
  • To view your other credential account, you will have toselect Request Support at the top of the page and request a login for the other credential. You can either provide them a new email address to use, or, you can request they use the same email address and to put a 1 at the end.

Other important information when renewing your credentials:

DCC: This credential requires you to provide a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance.

DCQ: This credential requires you to complete 12 continuing education credits, 4 being a specified subject matter. If you need assistance finding courses, please reach out to our office.

DCQ: This credential also requires you to Attest that you have taken the newly required 4-hr course. It will ask you to Attest on LicensE for renewal.

  • UDC Codes and Administrative Codes – UDC can be accessed for free on the website by clicking on this link.
  • To contact the Dept. of Commerce Safety & Buildings Department staff about licensing/credentials:
    • By phone: Trades & Credentialing (608) 261-8467. Due to the high volume of calls, you may experience a delayed answer; however, you may leave a message and will receive a callback.
    • Via E-mail: