Associate Member – $490
Any person, firm or corporation engaged in a trade, industry or profession related to shelter construction, remodeling or land development and not inconsistent with the objectives of the Brown County Home Builders Association (BCHBA) and is of good character and good business reputation, shall be eligible.

Builder Member – $530
Any person, firm, or corporation currently in the business of shelter construction, land development, or remodeling; and agrees to subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Bylaws of this Association; and is of good character and business reputation; and has successfully completed the required education programs as described in the BCHBA’s Policy and Procedure manual for Builder members (and in section 1 and 2 of Requirements to the right) as designated by the BCHBA Board of Directors, shall be eligible to be a Builder member.

To be eligible to participate in the Spring and Fall Showcase of Homes a member must be an approved Builder member prior to the final deadline to withdraw an entry. The member must also have held membership in the BCHBA for a minimum of one (1) year prior to the event.


The following must be completed before you are eligible to become a Builder Member:

1. Successfully complete and file with the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) a Business Credential Application and have been granted a Dwelling Contractor Certification (DCC)

2. Complete and file a Wisconsin DSPS Credential Application and be granted a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification (DCQ). According to the Wisconsin DSPS, a builder must renew the DCQ which is contingent upon the builder obtaining a minimum of 12 hours of acceptable continuing education three months prior to the expiration date of the credential. Credentials expire two years from the date of issue. If at any time the DCQ and/or DCC become invalid, the Builder’s membership will be transferred to an Associate membership until the DCQ and/or DCC requirements are validated by the Wisconsin DSPS and verified by the BCHBA


BCHBA APPLICATION (COMPLETE AND PAY ONLINE) – a 3% fee will be added to any credit card payment. (Fillable PDF)

BCHBA APPLICATION FORM  – a 3% fee will be added to any credit card payment. (Printable PDF)

Please print file, complete and mail with payment to:
P.O. Box 13194
Green Bay, WI 54307-3194

Thank you for your membership, which allows us to do what we do to support you and the housing industry as a whole!


Do you have members active in the Brown County Home Builders Association at multiple locations? Have you thought about becoming an Affiliate Member of the BCHBA? As an Affiliate Member of the BCHBA, you have the opportunity to have a separate listing in the BCHBA Membership Directory, as well as the website. Take advantage of the great benefits we have to Offer.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (Affiliate application applies to current members only)

If you currently do not meet the requirements above, you may join the BCHBA as an Associate member and indicate on your application your desire to work toward a Builder membership.

If you currently hold a Builder Membership with another Home Builders Association (HBA), your membership dues and the waiting period on Showcase/Tour participation will still apply.


BCHBA Courses: The BCHBA offers courses that will help you achieve educational credits required by the Wisconsin DSPS. Many are conveniently scheduled before or after monthly Membership Meetings to allow you to attend both meetings in one day at one location. Please see your Membership Directory or visit for a calendar of educational events. Additional opportunities are also scheduled spontaneously throughout the year – watch your Breaking Ground Newsletter for details.

NWTC Courses: These regularly scheduled NWTC courses will help you achieve educational credits required by the Wisconsin DSPS.

  • OSHA 10-Hour Voluntary Compliance for Construction Industry – 10 DCQ credits